''Laughter is timeless,Imagination has no age,and dreams are forever''


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God is Possible

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"God is Possible" -Oh yeah yeah, Iam not your basic average man and Iam here to save the world.You cant stop me cause Iam God Almighty! Worship me, pray to me if you want to reach me, when you want to reach me its ok.I just cant wait until I hear my child voice ringin out! It doesnt matter if its day or night.Everythin is goin to be alright.Whenever you need me, whenever you need me my child...worship me, pray to me if you want to reach me, when you want to reach me its ok.I just cant wait until I hear my child voice ringin out! It doesnt matter if its day or night.Everythin is goin to be alright! Whenever you need me my child...worship me, pray to me if you want to reach me...yeah, yeah, yeah! So, what is it?

''Food Choir''

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-Tenor=Pizza (repeat softly),-Soroporano=fries (repeat softly),-Bass=Taco (repeat softly),-Alto=spaghetti (repeat softly),-Tenor=hamburger (repeat a lil louder),-Soroporano= ice cream (repeat a lil louder),-Alto= hot dog (repeat a lil louder),-Bass=chips (repeat a lil louder),-Tenor= brownies (repeat louder),-Soroponano=cookies (louder),-Alto= candy (louder),-Bass=cake,(repeat until the loudest and slowly grow quieter) -back to original beginning) and fade out as Bass sings Taco.


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                                                          age 25

-See and hear them,proclaim them,know every detail about them,watch what they do and experience what they experience and learn...Every exclamanation point,Every question mark,Every comma,Every period...You got to hang on and keep on trucking,no matter what (chorus)

-Verse 1:The pain,the misery,the sorrow,the hurt,the scars,...Why? What is it? Where does it come from? How long will it go on? How can anyone comprehend it? Why are there crime and violence? Why are there murderers and haters? It's such a mystery! It's un-believable! Can there be a way to reverse it?

-Verse 2:The greatest of these is love.There's no other way around it.We have to love like never before,powerful love.Not just any or light or easy going.It has to be un-conditional,it has to be strong,it has to be willing to go beyond all and surrender all,and has to reach the point of a two-way street.

''Just Plain Ole'''

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                                                    age 25

-I just want you snicker doodle,snicker doodle,doodle,doodly,do do.I dont want other cookies,they dont have the nutty nuts nuts! I love it,I love it,I love it,it it it! I dont want M&M'S or Reese's or chocolate chip or oatmeal raisin or any other,they are just not the same! Snicker doodle,please stay in the cookie jar and keep filled! Lalalalala Ah Ah! You are so good so good so good! You dont have to be fancy or filled with icing or sprinkles or syrup or any other,I love you just the way you are! Just plain ole you!!!! Do do!

''Alley Cat''

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                                                      age 25

-Alley cat cat,Alley cat cat,Alley cat cat;Daddy Mac Mac,Daddy Mac Mac,Daddy Mac Mac;Scattitiedy cat cat,Scattitedy cat cat,Scattitiedy cat cat;Big Mac Mac,Big Mac Mac,Big Mac Mac;Hit the street yo yo,Hit the street yo yo,Hit the street yo yo;(side step,side step *snap*) (repeat twice)

"wrapper papper"

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-oh! The pain,oh! The agony! You can feel the sorrow if you really care for them though not a lot do,it's sad but true.nobody really even thinks of about them or talks about them or haves meetings about them,but they are there just the same.they sit alone and forgotten in the closed buildings across america.some are in the king,some are in the big yellow ms,and others are in the fishing seas or in the red-head house! They sit in the back all alone and watch helplessely as others take their turn before them! If you listen closely,you may hear their little cries and feel their broken hearts! You may wonder or ponder the mystery,but it's so simple.it's none other than the forgotten straws in the back! They are there day after day left alone in the little wrappers shaken and wonder if they ever get a chance to have cool refreshing liquid burst through their pencil-like systems and then thrown into containers with flap-open lids,but who knows!

''Springly Do De Da''

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All the birdies go tweetly tweet tweet,all the birdies go tweetly tweet tweet surrounding me and I go tweetly tweet tweet back to them and we sing an old melody as do other birdies and humans in years before.as we sing,the flowers flutter swirling in the wind as they attach themselves to thier little green roots.As they are swirling in the wind and we are singing tweetly tweet tweet,the little bees go buzz buzz and float along the swirling flowers and do what little bees do.As the bees go buzz and the flowers go swirling around in the wind and the birdies go twittly tweet tweet,the hummingbirds follow along with the bees enjoying the thrills of spring.While that is happening,a light drip,drip,drip and a boom boom occurs disturbing the peaceful harmony!

''Brightly Lit''

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Hey there! I have started a cartoon series awhile ago and want to let you guys know about it.It is an Outer Space theme and its a comedy.We have aliens,a bug on a disc,a star,a cow jumpin over the moon,and a slew of fun and exciting characters! I will put pictures on here in the next few weeks.continue checkin in! We have Skipper and Zoomer as puppets hostin it all,make sure you stay tuned in to see thier jokes and sayings!

my songs!

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Hey,here are songs I had written over the years and had finally written them down.enjoy! I will,also,put them on my site!


age 17


''Trashed Out''


-chorus-Boy,do I have messes to clean! All those borin ole' messes that dreary me out to the core of my bones! I'm so sick and tired,I feel like Iam going to die.


-verse 1-I have got spills of milk,juice,coffee,water,soda,tea,even bug juice and guts with food sucah as pizza,tacos,spaghetti,cereal including cheerios,bread as crumbs,and so much more!


-verse 2-Food and drink is a thing I might handle,but clothes and dirt and mud....Not to mention,human nature of all kinds up and down and all about and the thing is animals are much worse with on top of that there are dust as thick as a Haunted Mansion!



''H.O.M.E.-Handling Others MorEs with loves and cares''


-chorus-Home is where the heart is,home is where the heart is,home is where the dear sweet HEART is!


-Verse 1-I was walking along the hot road of the blazing fire of the sun peeling down in the nasty,FL. But,you know what? (the chorus)


-verse 2-I was down on my knees weak and wore out.The blinding blizzard left me hungry and thirsty.I was cold to the bone.But,you know what?! (chorus)


-verse 3-I was standing waiting for the bus when the dreary rain with the thunder and lightning hit me knocking me off my feet soaking wet in no time.But,you know what?! (chorus)


-verse 4-People say time heals all wounds,and wehter or not it's true you still got your family.The whole world don't have the wonderful four seasons,but with your family you experience all the natural happenings.The world has different sights and adventures to offer as do family,the difference is it don't cost you a dime in a matter of speaking!



age 14


'' The 12 Days of Heartburn''


1.one burrito

2.two chimmangas

3.three hamburgers

4.four cheeseburgers

5.five Spicy Onion-filled Mexican Rice boxes

6.six slices of of pizza

7.seven servings of Spaghetti

8.eight pots of coffee

9.nine tacos

10.ten chili cheese dogs

11.eleven steaks

12.twelve bushels of chili peppers


on the first day of my heartburn that happened to me was one burrito that the cashier gave to me,etc.etc.etc.



age 8





Dance,dance with me! Iam dancing with you until the end of life,until you draw your last breath.I will through fire,through rain,through hail,through snow,through wind until you lie within a grave of dirt and mud and into God's wating arms.I'll dance with you through pain and sorrow,through happy and joyful times,through angry and mad times when stress arrives,until life closes up.I'll dance with you when your bored to death or your out of your mind or you will be too busy to do it.I'll dance with you when you are sick and can't get out of bed or when are healthy and active.I'll dance with you when you are over 400 lbs. and when you are thin as a pole.I'll continue to dance onward through every stage and step in your life and when your life is through,we will dance in my heart and I will bring the twinkle in your soul to the stars above.


further drama!

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hello all,I want to mention in case you need it,I do face painting and miming as well as acting.if you can do it,Iam interested in doing balooning,too.I know a lil bit.please let me know! thanks! so,if any festivals,churches,and any business who needs someone Iam available.