''Laughter is timeless,Imagination has no age,and dreams are forever''

About Me

welcome all to my site,iam here to tell you about to advertize and let all of you know into drama and acting! if you have connections and ways toward that route let me know,i need to get going! im attempt to get a team together if it's possible.please let me know,and we can get it together.i write plays and short stories as well and will in the next few days include this in here.i love you all! G-day,mates!


here are some of my favorite skits! it all came from my brain!

                                 ''Who is Your Superhero?''

cast-Spiderman,Batman,Superman,Tarzan,Narrator,the talk show host,and Jesus

-talk show host:Welcome folks! we are here to see a survey of the most  5 top superheroes.Let's do the countdown and see what our beautiful crowd has chosen...

                                 -number 5 appears-

-Narrator:Look in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! Is it Superman? No,its something big and hairy! It's black and crawly,what am i going to do?...Oh no! it's a spider!

(he or she panicks running around until the real Superman comes)

-Superman:I'll save you!

(All proudful and big he plucks it off)

-Superman:I'm here to save the world and off i go!

(He jumps ready to fly when his cape gets caught in a pole and it twists to where he is strangling)

-talk show host:whew,ok! I hope he's ok.Maybe he can be cut off by that cape...Anyway,here goes next one!

                              -number 4 appears-

-narrator:now,this is what i call sizzling! 400* degrees and loving it!.We are here in the jungles of Africa watching monkeys,but not any old monkey.It's none other than Tarzan!

-Tarzan:(off in the distance and then coming) ah,ah,ah,ah,...

-narrator:Hey! watch out for that...ooo...tree!

(Tarzan smacks and falls off the tree real dizzy)

-talk show host:Uh yeah,that's going to leave a mark.Get some ice for that one! next one ,please...

                              -number 3 appears-

-narrator:New York City!! Alright,the city of lights and skyscrapers where our superhero surfs the internet on his web(surfing music comes on for a few seconds)

-Spiderman:I'm just your neighborhood friendly Spiderman!

(He swoops up ready to swing wildly,but then his arm got jammed in a window and broke where he fell)

-talk show host:wow somebody get a docotr for that man and hurry.ok,next one...

                                  -number 2 appears-

-narrator:In the dark of the night and all hope look lost,a sort of an animal appears dark black blending in the world of doom.who could it be to save the world from the evil clown and his sidekicks?

               (smoke rises and some dark form in the night)

-narrator:(the person gives a loud cackle) Batman!

                   (Thunder and lightning gives the air)

-narrator:And who could forget his trusty sidekick Robin? that's doulbe power for you!

         (not saying anything Batman ran slightly and sort of leaped into his car real serious and refined,and then sitting in the driver's side and tried to start the car.It wouldn't go as he tried and tried)

-narrator:All hope is lost! The world is doomed! All superheroes are down! Who could save the world now?

-talk show host:wait,wait! don't worry,we still got our number 1# superhero.It's breaking news everybody! He's wild,he's free,and he's perfect! who could pull it off,but him? Here we are the one,the only...give a drumroll...Jesus! I'm sorry,folks,but we have to inttruppt this program because of our doppler radar is out of range.

                           (fuzziness comes a few seconds)

-talk show host:You should have seen it ,folks! It was amazing! Our number 1# superhero Jesus has saved our other superheroes.They are up and going saving the wrold.I don't think i have seen anything like this one.(the person pauses awed).well,that's all the time we have today.so,up and out and remember who is your superhero?


                                ''The Browned Court Case''

-cast:Pink Panther the detective,Sally Higgins as the hilibilie,Farmer Higgins husband of Sally,Judge Sowy,Clyde the Clown,Park Ranger,a safari Hunter,a Soldier,News Reporters,2 dorky,geeky policemen,and jury as monkeys

(a twist of ''bad boys'' and the ''pink panther'' started playing as the pink panther dressed in black  with a magnify glass dancing and after a few seconds a court scene appears)

-Judge Sowy:And now this court will come to order,will the plantiff and the defendant rise?

(Mr.and Mrs.Higgins with the Park Ranger stands up)

-one of the policemen:Sir,this case opens to 13581!

(He/she opens a case and hands to him/her)

-Judge Sowy:You may speak,plantiff.

-Farmer Higgins:Yes,your honor,me and my wife here,Sally settled deep and comfortable on a beautiful lake in Kentucky where we had grown chicken and beans.And we had found this cooker type thing and when we tried it out where it cooked food,especially meat real well.We loved it and called it our own.We had named it jr.(both looked at one another and smiled) Just as we were moving on with our lives this Park Ranger and his crew came to mess things up!

-Park Ranger:It had fire blazing on it! it might create a forest fire in thier neighborhood!

-Judge Sowy:Hold it,hold it.I'll come to you later.Now,do you have any witnesses,Plantiff?

-Farmer Higgins:Yes,none other than my own wife.

                    (he helps her as she stumbles the truth rule)

-Sally:well,me and Alfred found this black beauty of a thing where sizzled liver guts our first meal in it's wide open mouth.He was like our own son.Then,this horrible man came destroying our lives and woe is me! (she put her hand on her forehead and stumbles back upset)

-Judge Sowy:does the defendant have a witness now?

-Park Ranger:Yes,your honor,I have a safari hunter to come forward.

                 (the safari hunter does the same truth rule)

-safari hunter:the only thing i have to say is,I love animals and no one should kill them.I'm going to protest! You all are animals,ravishing animals!

                    (He/she walks off stomping mad)

-Judge Sowy:Any other witnesses?

-Park Ranger:Yes,your honor,I also have a soldier.

                          (the solidier does the same truth rule)

-Soldier:(salutes) Stand hut and march! Left,left,left,right,left...Come you flabby bodies march! (the only ones who are the the policemen)

-Judge Sowy:Order! (he stomps the wooden peg) Order now! Continue on..

-Soldier:You are not a forest ranger,so why make a big deal of it?

-Park Ranger:Smokey says Iam!

-Soldier:He says that to keep forests safe!

-Park Ranger:exactly!

-Soldier:They don't have a forest,though.

-Park Ranger:they have trees,don't they?

-Judge Sowy:Any other witnesses for the defendant?

-Park Ranger:Yes,your honor,I have one more.

-Clyde the clown:(comes in sneezing and coughing) I can't do it,sir.I'm sorry...(he continues out)

-Judge Sowy:Any other witnesses for the plantiff?

-Farmer Higgins:Yes,your honor,we do.

-Pink Panther:(comes in a big dramatic scene throwing the door open,etc.) I have come to a conclusion,your honor! (he bows and steps up) It is concluded that your cooking device is called a grill! And it's true,it's safe because it is closedin and is heated by one these black golden nuggets.A bag of these will fry up a meal! Simple as that! (snaps fingers) bingo! (as he talks,everybody in the court steps back shocked and amazed)

-Judge Sowy:Iv'e seen those golden black nuggets before,are they coal?

-Pink Panther:Yes,in fact,they are!

(the crowd gasp)

-Judge Sowy:Thank you for your time,and may you sit with the plantiffs we come to the descision.

-Pink Panther:I would be with pleasure,your honor!

-Judge Sowy:Does the jury have come to the descision yet?

-the other policeman:Yes,i will speak for the monkeys!

(the jury of monkeys eeked whispering to the police for a few seconds)

-the policeman:your honor,we found the defendant guilty for chasting the Higgins family where he would spend the summer with the monkeys feasting on bananas on a stranded island.

-Judge Sowy:Case is closed!

                         (The other policeman shuts the open case)

-Judge Sowy:For the next case we have...

-a policeman:Uh sir,we have the missing case.

-Judge Sowy:we mean,the missing case of Dr.Pepper?