''Laughter is timeless,Imagination has no age,and dreams are forever''


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more to me!

hey guys!! welcome to Abby's world to a point.i love drama and puppetry and some miming! i love western! im into action and activity and have tons of energy or try to.i love energy drinks of all kinds,and into all sports,especially soccer and skateboarding.im a colts fan and a pacers and a chicago bulls fan! i love Halloween and into all 4 seasons of weather,especially fall or autumn.i love people and try to include everyone of all ages and all races and backgrounds and cultures.i have been told by numerous of people,iam definlty one of a kind,there is not another person like me! i will literally be shocked if i found one! anyone who knows Robby Desantis,he comes close but not enough.i was told im a feminine version of him,but i put a twist to it and added to it! to take this a little more serisouly,iam a christian and a strivin to be strong.im in soveriegn grace ministries,and hit the cross  and all its contents and graphic story to heart.i try to carry my cross and know the Bible is 100% true! its exciting and beyond belief! i literally sit at the edge of my seat every late morning to read and look forward to it the next day.its powerful people! it grips my soul! and that drives me to pray! i love you all and care for you all and miss you all very much! G-day,mates!